Social Responsibility

Mustang, as a brand, believes that fashion can have a significant social impact in India. It believes in creating a positive change for people, the environment and society at large.

Our social efforts are focused towards women upliftment and the economic as well as environmental well-being of the regions that it operates in.

Nazneen and Lubeina have been actively working towards issues related to women empowerment and social change. Their consistent efforts have led Mustang Enterprises to be proudly audited and certified as a women-owned establishment.


1.    CSR Policy:

Description: Social responsibility implies being responsible for the entire context of your operations, not only one pillar (Click here)

2.    Environmental Policy:

Description: Mustang is committed to reducing the environmental impact caused by its operations. (Click here)

3.    Warli Socks:

Description: How Mustang created visibility for the dying art form of Warli by designing an exclusive range of socks. (Click here