Women Squares Design Athletic Socks

These athletic socks are made with the finest quality cotton with extra terry cushioning. These socks absorb maximum moisture and sweat to keep your feet dry during sports. The added elastance will keep you at ease while you in the middle of your daily gym routine and even track and field events. The reinforced heel and toe design ensures ultimate durability. 

·         Made using premium combed cotton.

·         Mesh technology in the top elastic band. This ensures a firm grip without being tight on the leg. 

·         Anti-bacterial yarn that keeps your feet odor-free and dry.

·         Extra strength in toe and heel for comfort.

·         Seamless toe enclosure for anti-friction finish.

·         Composition - 95% combed cotton, 5% Spandex.

We focus on eco-friendly processes and products, and pledge our support to ethical trade movements.We make the socks that you wear to work, to dinner with family, road trips, when you are tucked in bed – those special everyday moments in real life that don’t make it into commercials.